the first word i ever said was 'button' & one of my earliest memories is of sitting on a three-legged stool, sewing. my gran had drawn a border of tiny, bell - like flowers & leaves onto a circle of green fabric, & was teaching me to embroider. this early attempt was fashioned into a little mat & proudly presented to my mum. it was one of the first of many 'and'- made offerings given to members of my family & that little mat with its border of pink bells & green leaves is still surviving, too many years later for me to contemplate!

all the women, & some of the men, in my family could knit & sew; some for pleasure, some under sufferance & some through necessity! the skills passed on by them are still being used by me now, to produce the &made range. it seems ironic  to think, that as children, my sisters and i were encouraged to work hard at school or, ”you’ll end up in the sewing shop!”.

i’ve always enjoyed making & doing, cutting & sticking, drawing & painting & i’ve been fortunate enough to use these skills to make a living. i’ve spent much of my career as a costume designer & maker in the model animation department of cosgrove hall films where all the clients were rarely over 30 cm tall! new & exciting times are about to begin as &made is launched in a bid to fulfil a long held ambition.